720p max resolution with Win IoT...?

I am running the latest Windows IoT build and the maximum resolution I can get the DragonBoard to output at is 720p. Is this a known issue? Is there a configuration file or some other method for setting the display resolution that does not involve Windows commands? I believe it was only running at 720p when I booted up the original Android install as well, although I can’t confirm at this point.

The Win IoT team is looking into this issue for me as well, but I wanted to see if anyone here has any information on this from the hardware side.


Qualcomm has referred me to this board for support with this issue. Microsoft says it is the Windows IoT driver that is the problem. Qualcomm writes the driver. Who can provide support for this and also tell me when the Dragonboard 410c will support 1080p resolution running under Windows IoT?

This is critical for my application. I cannot run at 1280x720 resolution.


This question was answered on the Qualcomm Developer Network Forum.

720p is the highest resolution supported on Windows at this time. 1080p support is on the roadmap but the timing is not yet been determined.

Vicky Janicki

I have the same issue and need GPU power of the Dragon410c. That’s why I’m using it.
I also contacted Microsoft and even tried building a custom image (this fails due to missing Qualcomm files, BTW)

Any idea when this will be available? It’s been 6 months since this thread was opened.