5" LCD Touchscreen for DragonBoard 410c


I need a screen for DragonBoard 410c, which of these two products are met with DragonBoard 410c?

  1. 5inch HDMI LCD, Resolution: 800x480, LCD Interface: HDMI, Touch Panel Interface: IO.

  2. 5inch HDMI LCD(B), Resolution: 800x480, LCD Interface: HDMI, Touch Panel Interface: USB.

Please advise? Thank You.

Monitors that work with Dragonboard 401c

Hi Edah

There is a plan to test such displays and they had been ordered internally. We should have a response within the next couple of weeks.


I am glad to hear it, 4.3" or 5" LCD Touchscreen which support for DragonBoards 410C.

If I may suggest, you could sell the interface board that serves DragonBoards 410C communication with the outside world, such as USB HUB, USB TO RS232, USB TO RS485, USB TO RS422, USB to CurrentLoop.

With the availability of all the accesories, it will be easier for us as consumers to use your product. Thank You.


I have the first screen you just mentioned. I only tested the display but not the touch function. It works. But I think there is some problem with my board for the screen is flickering. Other monitor I have can not get the HDMI signal.


Hi edha:

I purchased one of the 5" displays with USB interface http://www.waveshare.com/product/modules/oleds-lcds/raspberry-pi-lcd/5inch-hdmi-lcd-b.htm and I can now report on it’s operation.

  1. Under Android operating system it is not so good. Android comes up with a 1080p signal and the monitor does display an image. Unfortunately the image if the upper left 1/4 of the Android screen only, and it flickers when you change displayed images. The monitor does not scale the 1080p image down to it’s native resolution. The “touch” function is a resistive touch so it can only do single point touch, but it does not work at all under Android.
  2. Under Linaro Ubuntu things are significantly better. When Linux boots on the 410c it asks the screen for it’s native display resolution and adjusts. The screen display is correct. Unfortunately the digitizer is not recognized by Linux either so touch still doesn’t work.

One little problem, the monitor came with a HDMI cable (works great) and a USB power cable (which also works). Unfortunately when you plug the cable into the 410c to power up the monitor you can no longer plug in a mouse and a keyboard at the same time. There are two ways to work around this: 1) use a combined mouse/keyboard that only needs one USB port, or 2) get power for the monitor from the low-speed expansion connector (pin 39 GND, and pin 37 +5V)


What would you recommend for an HD touch screen around 6" to 10" also? thanks!


ldts-jro: Are there any updates regarding your internal evaluation of the displays that works with Dragonboard android?




I just recently got the Dragonboard 410c and still sorting things out.

I tested this LCD screen from Adafruit. I got it to work with another system.

I am using a iGO 40 Watt netbook adapter to power the Dragonboard. The display is powered through the USB Touchscreen connection without any problem.

The results under Android are similar to the previous poster. Only 1/4 of the screen is displayed with no flickering. The touch function does seem to work.

The results under Linaro are good. The LCD has a resistive touchscreen that emulates a USB Mouse. This works good with a stylus, although some of the screen elements are small and need accurate tapping.

73 Eric


Hi, I also have bought this screen and am having similar issues. Have you solved the problem yet with Android?


I tested this adafruit display, and it is simply horrible, it feels like really bad quality and the worst part that Android doesn’t even displayed properly on it.
And the touch function on Android does NOT work. So, avoid.


Hi all! Same issue - displays only half of the screen even after resolution change to 800X480 via adb.
I tried to force horizontal view but this is not the problem.

Tested the display with my win10 laptop and it displayed OK
Tested the dragonboard with another touch display and it displayed but was flickering on touching.

Any solutions?