410c shows initial boot sequence, resets, then dies

Good day. We’ve been working with this Dragonboard 401c (we initially installed Android on it) for quite some time now and something peculiar came up today.

It was working very well for the last 6 months or so then for some reason, it wasn’t booting up as intended a couple of hours ago. We connect everything, HDMI, mouse, and keyboard first, then the power supply. We see the normal flood of text, then the device resets, then we see a “black” screen. It’s not really turned off, you can see the backlight and all but the entire screen is just black.

I tried booting it again but to no avail.

I plugged in the SDCard I used to install Android to the DragonBoard but that too did not work.

Right now I don’t know what to do because with SDCard or without SDCard, the DragonBoard 410c does NOT seem to work and trying a Linux installer will be an exercise in futility.

Has anyone encountered this problem? Any help is very much appreciated.

Hi @razgriz,

It looks like something happened for show screen on HDMI display.

It might be good to use adb and see the log to check if your board is working correctly or not.