410c power supply card

Seems like sale partner arrow is unable to provide the power supply connector [1]
So where shall I buy the connector?

[1] https://parts.arrow.com/item/detail/arrow-development-tools/dragonboard410c?utm_source=product-page&utm_medium=96boards&utm_term=organic&utm_content=dragonboard40c&utm_campaign=dragonboard410c-arrow#c2cG

The power supply we like is universal at both ends and can be found on a number of sites by searching for 25HK-AB-120A250-CP
This is more expensive than adapters with fixed plugs on both ends, but it doesn’t require any other adapters.
Example places that this can be bought:

We will be loading an accessories page in the next few days and that will list out other options.

I am powering my dragon through the low speed connector, works fine.

I actually had a matching plug on a Coolermaster universal laptop power supply, however it was 19.2V, and while that is only slightly out of spec I decided to feed in 9V through the DC_IN pins of the low speed gpio connector.

I’ve been using this one from mouser TRG45A120-40E01-Level-V

if arrow or qualcomm can’t list a power supply to buy, I’ll just return the 410c’s i got.

96Boards has posted several possible sources for a supply, and I am sure Arrow will have one soon. https://www.96boards.org/products/accessories/power/

The 410c has a wide range input, it will operate with any DC voltage between 6.5 and 18V, the supplies on the list are nominally 12V.

The thinking behind the choice of specifying a Wide-Range input is interesting: The board has GPS, and GPS is not very useful for a stationary piece of equipment, but is really useful on something that is moving. If the 410c is moving you probably won’t have a place to plug it in. With other Single Board computers you need to condition your battery outputs to create a supply appropriate for the board, with the 410c just connect directly to the battery.

Common battery chemistries that will work are, 12V Lead-Acid, 7.2V Li-ion packs, 9.5V Li-ion packs, 14.4V Li-ion packs. Make sure the voltage drop on the wires between the battery pack and the 410c is not excessive (use short, fat wires), otherwise the supply at the board may brown-out and cause your app to crash.

As mentioned above you will also note that you can power the board from the low-speed connector. In general we expect the 410C to provide power to any connected mezzanine board, but if the mezzanine board uses a lot of power (say a controller that drives several hundred watts to the anti-gravity generators on your hover-board), then the mezzanine board can drive power into the 410c. Low-Speed connector pins 36,38 are wired in parallel to the center pin on the DC Jack (SYS_DCIN), and pins 39,40 are wired in parallel with the barrel of the DC jack (GND).

A word of caution: while the 410c board will operate on a wide range of inputs, the mezzanine boards attached may not be so forgiving. If you build a battery powered system check the specifications on the Mezzanine boards, make sure they can work with SYS_DCIN that matches your power source.

6.5-18 is perfect for automotive, where you can anticipate a voltage anywhere in the range of 9-16.

Also ROFL @ the guy who is going to return the boards because he’s not smart enough to source a 12V power adapter with a standard barrel plug. Have you even bothered to try going to a store… like WALMART?


It seems Arrow will provide a power brick with each DB410c, as they indicated in their sales page. They’re expecting a new batch of 200 boards in 3 weeks, and I’m told that they all will ship with a power brick.


Just got mine from Arrow a couple of days ago, and it did not come with a power supply.
Looks like the power connector on mine is a PJ–041h from CUI. From the data sheet you can see that the mating coaxial power connector size is 4.75mm OD x 1.7mm ID.
A quick search on Ebay shows many compatible cords and power supplies available.


I am having power supply 12 v and 1.5 A.
But the connector does not work. I am in bangalore india, cannot afford to order again and pay customs also.
Can any one suggest power supply to buy locally

@ljking, thanks for your detailed reply regarding possible battery operations for the DragonBoard 410c. I am currently in the process of designing a battery power supply for the 410c in our application. I know we will need to run some detailed power usage profiles for the final design, but I would like to quickly through together a supply that will work for some field testing. For this application, we will be running the 410c along along with an active GPS antenna and running GPS (outdoors) for maybe 10 minutes every hour. Would you happen to have any advice on a battery system that we would use as a starting point? – thx.

Hi @Cryptik:

When I tried out operation on battery I used a 3S battery pack like this (3S 11.1V 2200mAH Battery) and a balancing charger like this Battery Charger, there are many suppliers of these hobby battery packs online, and in stores (they are used for RC race cars). I found my 410c DragonBoard would run for over 24 Hours, fully powered up, on a single charge.

Full Disclosure: I am an employee of Qualcomm Canada, any opinions I might have expressed may not reflect the opinions of my employer.

@ljking, Thanks for the info on the battery and charger. So I have not used LiPo before. I was under the impression I needed some kind of circuit to prevent the battery from over discharge? Is this only a concern with regard to charging? So if I get the battery you mention above and the the charger, can I connect that battery directly to the barrel connector on the 410c (i.e. with appropriate plug adapter of course) and then just use the charger you mention to charge the battery when disconnected from the 410c? Thanks again.