410c out of stock everywhere


Hi @naikrovek, @bgat, @azlun, @cezmen

FYI - The Audio Mezzanine is back at Arrow https://www.arrow.com/en/products/114990332/seeed-technology-limited

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Just found DragonBoards on AliExpress :slight_smile: - link


You can get them for $5 LESS via Amazon, which also comes with a power supply (unlike aliexpress), and SOLD BY Amazon, which means that you have more reliable legal recourse if something goes wrong. Oh, also delivered reliably within a couple of days instead of maybe within a month or two.


I’m having this problem as well.

The Dragonboard 410c was back in stock on Arrow a couple weeks ago. I purchased a 2 of them and now they are out of stock again and an Arrow Digital Sales Associate told me that they are seeing a lead time of 26 weeks.

I am looking to purchase between 5 - 10 more. Any suggestions for alternative distributors who would have these available?



Maybe @dieter or @billdavies can give us a realistic time for restocking of 410c at Arrow. 26 weeks is what the system always says when anything is out of stock.

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Has anyone heard anything new regard DB 410c stock?

Arrow has not been able to provide a definite answer (the usual 26wk - 30wk).



I’ve just noticed that, today, there are 1,588 parts available for immediate shipping at Arrow.


Awesome. Thanks for sharing!


Yes, Arrow now has plenty in stock :slight_smile:

Hope it stays that way. I’m really liking the DGB 410c!


I am selling my DragonBoard410c for cheap (£35). I bought it for an online course (from CourseEra) from Array Electronics. Since then, I’ve never used it and its kept as it is (un-touched). Its original price is USD $75.00 (~£58) and is available only from limited retailers.
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