410 reset after at boot time



We are flashing boot.img file in 410 . At boot time it reset the board. i don’t understand what happen ?

Below message comes at boot time :-

[ 5.871144] qcom,qpnp-power-on qpnp-power-on-ffffffc0329b4400: PMIC@SID0 Power-on reason: Triggered from USB (USB charger insertion) and ‘cold’ boot
[ 5.884034] qcom,qpnp-power-on qpnp-power-on-ffffffc0329b4400: PMIC@SID0: Power-off reason: Triggered from PS_HOLD (PS_HOLD/MSM controlled shutdown)

Powering off the SoC comes at last boot msg it comes inside drivers/power/reset/msm-poweroff.c file

I am disabled msm-poweroff in make menuconfig .

But error change : drivers/platform/msm/qpnp-power-on.c comes error

Triggered from CBL (external power supply)
Unknown power-off reason

How to debug this issue ? please guide me.

Tejas patil


Hi Tejas Patil,

I don’t think your question is completely clear. It could just appear like that to only me but I was thinking that you could provide more info for other to better understand the issue you are facing and
see if they can reproduce it. Info like the below mentioned could be used.
What procedures did you take to the point where you got to this issue?
Do you mean that you were only trying to reflash the boot.img? Did you do any other thing
before that? Could you please explain more clearly what you wanted to convey by this sentence
"At boot time it reset the board." Do you mean that you had a successful flash of the boot.img
and when you reboot the boot it behaves in a way unexpected?

  • reboot the board, it then behaves …


right… we need more information indeed… for any issue, if you can very clear about which release or which build you are using it would help a lot.

if you make your own build, please give information about which kernel branch/commit you are using and if possible what changes you are making.