40 Pin Low Speed Expansion Header Power Supply and GPIO Problem

Hello Guys!

I am trying to use the 40 pin low speed expansion header of the board but it seems no to work properly.

  1. Pin 35 and 37 should be 1.5V and 5V power supply but they are supplying 12V;

  2. GPIOs pins 23 - 34 are not accepting commands from the board. The status on android software is changing the direction from in to out and the value from 0 to 1 but the voltage supply from the pins doesn’t change at all. Some of them are stuck on 1.8V and others on 0V not respecting the current value of the pins.

Can somebody help me understand what is going on?

To be honest it sounds like you are measuring pins 36 and 38 rather than 35 and 37 (mirroring the connector)! Can you read all four pins and report what you at getting back for each one?