40 or 60 pin 0.8mm pitch mating connector part number

The dragonboard 820c has 2 I/O connectors (hi speed and low speed). The connectors are labeled 14 and 6 in the enclosed jpeg.

What is the mating connector part number and where can I buy the mating connector / cable.


14 and 8 actually.

The low speed header is the 2mm pitch 40 pin header arranged in 2x20.

Anything in your picture above connector 8 is not part of 96boards specifications.

However, the connector listed as “6” has the same part number as the high speed connector.

You can find some connector part numbers in the 96boards CE specifications document: https://linaro.co/ce-specification

Note: if you are developing a mezzanine board, I recommend interfacing with it using ONLY the 2 connectors listed in the specifications, or the board will be limited to 820c ONLY, since no other board has those other connectors.