3D printed case for dragonbord410c


I’ve designed a case for the dragonboard’s I have. Figured I’d share it here in case anybody else wanted to print one. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1090288


This is cool! Thank you.


Perfect, thank you! I will print it tonight. I’ll feel alot better when it’s covered up.


Thanks alot man! I ordered it from some print lab and it came out quite beautiful.
Today I organized suitable nuts and screws. A dream :wink: Best wishes and thank you!


will it work with the hikey 960?


It will need probably need a few tweaks.

The board Z offset is 4mm so there should be room for the PCIe connector but there are a few other things to think about:

  1. On DB410C the location of the power connector deviates slightly from the specification. Thus if the case has a power cut out tailored for DB410C this might need shifting over slightly.
  2. The USB 3.0 connectors on Hikey 960 are more protuberant than the USB 2.0 connectors of the DB410C. They may also be a tiny bit taller.
  3. The boot mode jumpers are in different places on the two boards. The cut out in the bottom of the case that provides access to these will need to be moved.
  4. The USB OTG type C connector is wider and lower (on the Z axis) than the micro USB equivalent on DB410C.
  5. The HDMI socket on Hikey960 is deeper (plugs travel slightly further in) than the one on DB410C. I don’t think this matters for the 3D printed case but I had to redesign my laser cut cases (which have a 5mm handling overhang) to accommodate it.

To the very best of my knowledge issues #2 through #5 are not spec violations on either board, they are just minor variations that a generic case must accommodate.