2nd time SD card image write on Windows hosts


it is possible to write the DragonBoard Yocto SD card image once on a SD card on Windows hosts that has one or more drives assigned (e.g. O:\ ).

The disk imager tools (e.g. Win32DiskImager) rely on the driver asignment.

After writing the SD card image file with 9 or 10 partition including the raw partitions (sbl1, tz, …) some Windows hosts have problems to assign drives.

So it is necessary to write to \.\PhysicalDevice instead.

Did anyone also run into that problem? Is there already a known solution? (Cygwin & Co as well as any kind of VM solution doen’t help since it should be installable and usable easily).

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We found this:

Sorry it’s in german. But basically, standard Linux tool ‘diskpart’ can cleanup a raw disk from cmd line.

I have found Etcher to be a more robust SD card writer:

Does it help with your problem?

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Thanks! It works fine!

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