15.09 release mmc1 card/ sdcard issue



When i insert the sdcard, getting this error.
mmc1: Reset 0x1 never completed.

using 15.09 release - ubuntu-qcom-dragonboard410c-15.09

Any suggestions?



My board did not even boot or indicate any error. It just ran preload Android image.

How can I change to Ubuntu?

Please help!

Here are steps I tried:

1/ use Win32 Disk Imager write image to sd card which is Sandisk 32 gig speed class 10

2/ set switch to 0110

3/ power on

See nothing … wait … Dragonboad logo appears… ran preload Android


Hi Vinaysimha,

Did you ever happen to solve the issue with the mmc1 error mmc1: Reset 0x1 never completed? I’m having the same issue on one of my DragonBoards and was curious if you ever found out what causes this.

I’m thinking it may be a hardware issue. I’ve created a new post about it so hopefully someone else can chime in.


hi radu7,

mmc works fine with the ubuntu-qcom-dragonboard410c-15.07 release. this issue occurs few of the boards. Not exactly sure its a hardware issue. since 15.07 release works fine.

15.09 release has the issue. Could try with the latest release



Thank you Vinaysimha! I haven’t tested the ubuntu releases yet. I gave the latest release you suggested a try and it hung on boot after the message stating the filesystem was being expanded (I waited several minutes). I reflashed again and this time it booted, but the mmc error remains. Seems odd that I have three of these boards that were purchased within one week of each other and this is the only one that has this issue. They all came with the same release of Linaro pre-installed.

I will try various other releases and see what I get. I would try Android just to see what happens with that OS, but I have no intention of using any OS other than Linaro on the board. I did try installing Windows IoT, but had no luck getting that running.

Thanks again.